Home Playstation Forum Can PS3’s be universally used in all countries/regions?

Can PS3’s be universally used in all countries/regions?


Im not talking about the games, I’m talking about the actual console.

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  1. I’m pretty sure that wall outlets are different around the world. You would need a new power cord for each country. There’s NTSC and PAL games. Each country uses one of the two. The consoles themselves are the same.

  2. Yes, the console itself can be used anywhere in the world, provided you don’t have it in an environment that could be potentially hazardous to it (near water, sand, direct sunlight, etc.). The games are the same way. Since they’re all region free, you can play any game that you bought anywhere on your PS3 console. DVD and Blu-Ray movies are a different matter altogether. Hope it helps.

  3. I have a PS3 in the USA. I bought it at China in an airport. I have an PSN account in Japan and South America. So, yeah. It’s universal. Mind you, not all the stuff available in one region is useful at another. Take for example the PS3 DVR. It can only work on some countries like South American and parts in or near Europe.

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