Home Xbox Forum can you play online with xbox live trial?

can you play online with xbox live trial?


i just got my xbox one and have the free 30 day trial for xbox live

i can do everything online except play games

why is that?

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  1. Yes, that is the purpose of the 30 day trial – to allow you to use all of the features of Xbox Live Gold, and then hopefully pay to continue.

    Otherwise, your account will revert Xbox Live Silver. Silver can do everything Gold can do EXCEPT play games online, and use a few of the streaming apps, like Netflix.

    A Silver account is free and can be upgraded to Gold at anytime by buying a subscription or using a pre-paid card you bought from a store. Some games also include a trial subscription as well. If you enter multiple codes, the time will just be added to your account. Example: You buy a 12 month subscription then find a code for a 3 month trial. If you type in that code, your account will show you have paid for 15 months.

    Pre-paid cards can be found at stores or online at places like Amazon. They sometimes go on sale, so keep an eye out. Your Xbox will also notify you of special subscription deals as well. (Microsoft really wants you to be a Gold member – more money for them, after all.)

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  3. Because you have to be in the GOLD membership to play online, not silver.

    Im not sure of the free trial your playing on, however most games will come with a 30 day – 3 month access code for gold.

    You can also ask on Yahoo answers, alot of people have piles of the codes from their games since they already have memberships, I know ive given out all mine because I just pay the 50 bucks a year.

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