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CSI: Hard Evidence Let’s Play (Part 2): Co-Optitude


CSI: Hard Evidence Let's Play (Part 2): Co-Optitude


  1. What was the point in mentioning at the beginning of the last video that he was racist? They were lesbians and everybody involved was white?

  2. ryon, you are much more beautifuler than felicia.

    and felicia, you are handsomer than ryon.

  3. Hey Felicia, that looks like you have a little Wall-e on your shirt 😀
    Correct me if I'm wrong x3
    Love your show guys btw!

  4. I wish you'd still put the episode numbers on the videos!  I want to make sure I'm not missing any.

  5. One of the few games I got every achievement on for Xbox, a whopping 5 of them… Feels dirty man…

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