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Dead Nation (PS4) – The Beginning – All Loot, Armor & Mementos Collectibles Locations [Part 1]


Dead Nation (PS4) - The Beginning - All Loot, Armor & Mementos Collectibles Locations [Part 1]

Dead Nation [100% Loot] ✮ Morbid ✮ Level 10 ⇛ Highway To Hell


  1. hi guys if i'm going for the loots only can i ignore zombies when possible? please tell me

  2. Just got all the trophies for D.N except 'pick up all the loot' which is ultra rare. I will have to re-do the whole game to pick up the missing loot lol. So as to get the platinum trophy

  3. Anyone want to complete the 'Double The Action' trophy. need another player to play with to get last 3 trophies! if so add; Loco-Coconut on PS4 🙂

  4. Wow wasn't expecting to see a collectible's guide to this game by you, now I'm actually looking forward to my collectible's run because with your guide I know it'll be a cinch! Keep up the top notch work Woz!

  5. Please upload the next episode! I'm dying to play but can't without knowing where all the loot is!

  6. Thanks for the upload. Housemarque seriously needs to patch another checkpoint in between the first area and the second area towards the end. It's very much impossible for me even on Grim.

  7. scarlet: the virus has mutated and I was no longer immune
    scarlet: he was my first kill
    me: surprise motherfucker

  8. Thanks for uploading this morbid walkthrough it really helped me complete this game on morbid. I was also able to get the platinum for this game after playing one level on undead thanks so much for these videos 🙂

  9. hello I still watch this ur at ur best here I got though this level watching this , I cant' wait for dead nation 2 to come out i am sure u be at ur best as always.

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