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Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon Walkthrough Part 1


Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon Walkthrough Part 1


  1. idk why everyone hates Path of the Furon, I thought it was really fun. Of course it isnt better than number 2 but its still pretty good.

  2. What were the films called in the archive section of Destroy All Humans 1? I remember playing, "back to the mother ship" the archive section had a film (at least one). Was it called The Martian?

  3. My biggest gripe with this game is the fact that you can't go on an indefinite rampage against the humans. After fighting the military for a short while, the nexos interfere. At that moment it stops feeling like "destroy all humans". It ruins what could have been the best part of the game. Such a stupid decision on the developer's part. We didn't play this game to fight these wierd aliens. There should at least an option that stops nexos appearing in free roam after the game has been completed. Also, why the hell do civilians get more health in later levels? It makes it so much less fun to rampage on later levels.

  4. This game feels…unfinished.

    The physics are sloppy, the character designs and graphics have somehow gotten worse with newer technology, and it just doesn't carry the same feel as the original game.

    I really don't get why sequels are always so bad compared to their much older originals.

  5. Took me years to find. The song used during the interrogation is Pick Up The Pieces – Average White Band

  6. they need to remake the first one with really good gameplay/graphics. You really can't beat that 50s alien style

  7. Hey, if you go to the part where the two aliens are arguing about something, it's really funny!

  8. last day to get it on the xbox ultimate games sale..does invader zim hv his own game?…WHAT KIND OF GIR DO YOU THINK I AM!

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