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Dex Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”


Dex Review

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  1. Is it me or that the screen tearing in this game is cancer! How can they not get a 2D game to run with vsync at 60fps?

  2. Not gonna lie. With all of the condom machines around town, I was expecting somebody to make a "move" on the main character.

  3. I just bought a physical copy =3 from Europe and getting it imported… cant stand Digital unless Physical Version Comes with it. Makes me wonder why developers dont do that? Attach Digital With Physical Copy. At least for games that would be great for Handhelds. (I would love every PS VITA/Nintendo 3DS game i got to get digital copy of it… and all you have to do is authenticate it by popping in the game once a week

  4. What the hell is this game? Just the art alone made me feel it's gonna be bad even before starting the game. And then comes the gameplay. Holy shit, it's both the worst 2d platformer and worst beateump at the same time. It's even worse than most smartphone apps.

  5. Anyone wanna comment on how this game plays on the PS Vita?
    Is it cross buy/cross save?
    I'm on the fence about getting it…

  6. So I've just bought this for the PS Vita and it looks amazing on the handheld, thanks again ACG for a spot on review

  7. Normally reviews over 5 mins tend to enter waffle territory, but i am very VERY impressed. You made note of various gameplay elements, tone, a quick synopsis of the plot, campaign length, sound effects, voice acting, loading times, etc etc. All without waffle, try hard jokes or a forced need to impress the youtube masses.

    This review was well thought out, cleanly executed, well edited, and you enunciated clearly with concise bulletpoints and precision. I actually know what this game is about and have an opinion now (before i actually play it of course.) You sir have a new sub. If you make more reviews i will have no need to sift through any other review videos and websites. Now in keeping with this games tone, lets see what you have to say about Deus Ex.

    Well done sir, well done.

  8. Damn man. By far the best game reviews I have seen. This is Much better than boyish and chatty pewdew ,  clueless angry review guy and ton of others. Felt like you actually played these games with time, looking at every details carefully and finally giving verdict. You have humorous touch,  technical prowl of a game developer, yet nice-down-to-earth style. The video editing, composition of thoughts and sound feels scripted beautifully. And that — 'if you like this review, ''eh'', subscribe'……..that ''eh'' got me sold on your channel. Subbed

  9. I saw this a long time ago and totally forgot about it, definitely going to check it out this time.

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