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Do SONY have any plans to allow renaming on PSN IDs?


Ok, basically, when I first created my PSN ID name was when I got my PS3 and I wanted to delve right into the games, and all the names I came up with were taken so I stuck some numbers on the end. Now I don’t like this, and would rather spend some time thinking of a better unique one without the numbers, but I don’t want to have to earn all my trophies all over again. I know many other people are in the same situation, and I don’t understand why there is no feature yet to allow transferring of trophies, if the old account is deleted afterwards for example.

Does anyone know if SONY have any plans to introduce a feature like this, such as transferring of trophies, or simply being able to rename your account?

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  1. Apparently, because of ‘moderation’ issues, changing names of PSN IDs will never be possible on the PS3.

    The only way is to create a new PSN account and as far as I know, Sony has no plans to introduce a trophy transferring feature. Trophies are supposed to be something earned by one person, and there a LOTS of trophy whores in the PSN community and no doubt some sort of service to pay for trophies would start if trophy transferring is possible.

  2. I don’t think they will allow people to change their ID because if everyone done this then people on their list wouldn’t know who they are.

    I think transferring trophies would be a good idea, on the other hand, haven’t you thought of other people knowing your password and then transferring the trophies onto their account.

  3. Well your PSN id is kinda your registration, sure they did that different with the xbox live using the email address as identifier so yes there you can change your name.

    On PSN though it seems that your name really is as close to an identifier as it gets.

    Not to mention as you register a name they do say that you are stuck with it right? Well they aint lying.

    And I am with the trophy point of the rest here if once can easily move throphies from one to another ID. then it opens up to abuse.

    I like it that the trophies I earn [and trust me I am not a trophy whore] are fair earned. Little badges of having done some things. Hell I have quite a few games where I am not beyond the 10% mark.

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