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Does anyone have the ps3 move? and if so, so you like it?


I got a PS3 for christmas and wanted to get the move for it, but before i paid the money for it i wanted to get peoples opinion

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  1. Sure buddy.

    I personally don’t own a PS Move. I just use one at work. (Yes, I have what most gamers would consider a dream job) Anyway, I have used the Wii Plus Motion Controller the PS Move and the Kinnect. The Wii Mote comes in second with the PS Move in first place. We won’t even say anything about the last guy.

    The PS Move is indeed one to one recognition and has the most versatility and sense ability of the three. Just incredible device, does what the Wii promised but it actually delivers. However, I don’t think motion control is the future of gaming. I just think its cool. for some games.

    I am going to buy one myself, but not at this time.

  2. I got the Move for Christmas, and I like it. I only have the game that came with it and some demos, but from what I’ve played it’s pretty fun. It’s very responsive. There are certainly enough games for it: 54 the last time I checked. The link may or may not work, I hope it does.

    I hope I helped

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