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Earthworm Jim HD Прохождение (PS3)


Earthworm Jim HD Прохождение (PS3)

Earthworm Jim HD (Xbox 360) playthrough on Normal Difficulty

I have alot of thoughts and opinions on this game, but I’ll save them for when I start doing reviews one day or something

Earthworm Jim HD Playthrough 1/5


  1. все таки лучшая версия от SegaCD, там графика и стилистика от мегадрайва, и офигенный саундтрек в CD качестве

  2. Ребят я бы хотел его сыграть в фильме))если конечна была возможность))

  3. Разработчики этой версии старались сохранить все детали от оригинала, но в улучшенном виде, что у них и неплохо получилось. Не то, что 3D…

  4. Я её на битмане прошёл году в 96 а купил в 94м. Очень нравилась, лучше второй казалась всегда!!

  5. да озвучка не очень и всё остальное но вот как саундтрек они переделали по мне нормально а особенно музыка в финале игры под неё аж танцевать тянет а от оригинала максимум улыбка .Так что с музыкой у них всё получилось а вот с другим да схалтурили конкретно.

  6. Man I wish they would have ported this to pc, I'd have bought in an instant. The HD art is amazing, and I don't care that they stuck to the original game mechanics as right now I play EWJ1/2 on Snes emulator. Luckily its on the backwards compat list for xbox 1 will definitly check it out.

  7. I thought the developers of this did a fine job. The graphics look fantastic in HD and animate smoothly. Andy Asteroids also looks very nice and smooth. Sure the original will always be my favorite version of this, but I don't understand why we can't enjoy all versions of EWJ. Oh, and the extra bonus levels on this are also funny and fun to play. KBC for the win! 😛

    I'd have to say my favorite port of Earthworm Jim is the Special Edition on the Sega-CD. I love the ending on it!

  8. Welcome to the High Dillusionment era!! Keep your cartridges, Folks, they're worth a bomb!

  9. (In replacement of my more cynical and harsh post…)
    As good as this looks, I actually prefer the art style of the original due to its sort of Looney Tunes-esque look and animation, which the creators of this remake didn't seem to really get down. Also, Jim's voice ain't groovy anymore. 🙁

  10. god, I am getting so sick of the hand holding and nudges were getting in games now, I seriously face palmed when I saw tips on how to play the ficking game during load screens and big green "hey stupid go here" arrows in obvious places you mean to tell me people are that stupid that they can't figure out there to go up the conveyor on their own? when I first played the original I figured it out in seconds "hey the game wont let me go back and I can't go left or right so guess I have to go up"

  11. @xXXMrzombieXXx

    it wasnt a shortcut it is a secret area. you still have to finish the level the same way

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