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Far Cry 4 Review – Worth a Buy?


Far Cry 4 Review - Worth a Buy?


  1. worth abuy i wouldn't wish bad things on pirates or anyone else for that matter cause if lets say a pirate goes to jail when they come out they are an even worse person. making a bad person go to a bad place doesn't fix them it just makes them more bitter and angry. not saying i like pirating but i would never wish bad things on someone just because there making bad desicions.

  2. Stop blaming pirates for lazy game developers. I have a Mac Pro, PC game developer don't port games over Mac. It's not do to piracy , it's lazy developer that dont to port 2 Mac. So don't blame pirates.

  3. If you justify pirating, espicially if you say you do it to try the game out that's bull. Many games have DEMOS for that. If they don't watch a few vids and see. If you just don't like it Steam has refunds with only a 24 hour cashback penalty.

  4. Very late comment here. My opinion about prices: i think it's like anything these days. Business isn't about covering your costs and earning a respectable couple of quid for your hard work anymore. It's about ripping the eyes out of any f**er who shows an interest in your product/service. Oh there's higher demand? They love it? They need it? Take their f***in' arm and leg as well then. There's never gonna be an occasion where gamers go on strike and stop buying games so the prices are never gonna fall. It's buyer behaviour that affects prices. They paid £35? Charge £40. They paid £40? Charge £45. I think piracy is just a convenient thing these companies throw out there to turn gamers against each other. Cause those that mindlessly pay any price charged against those who say "f** off" to the capitalism that's seeped into the gaming industry as it has every other orifice of modern society. Just an opinion though, I could be wrong!

  5. Pirating a triple A game is ruining the gaming industry? Mate you said this was a console port, how many console players pirate games? This is why almost all games are console ports since they are most likely going to get pirated, ESPECIALLY Ubisoft games.

  6. All the pirates on this video tryna prove that they are justified in stealing from other people lmao. The excuses are getting pretty ridiculous. Listen if you HAVE to steal for sustenance which is food, clothes, etc, that's fine…. but if you are stealing for a damn hobby? At least own up and admit that you are taking money from other's pockets for a petty reason.

  7. does your 770 have 2gb or 4gb?because far cry 4 eats lots of vram if you have only 2gb your fucked

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