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GameSpot Reviews – Way of the Samurai 4


GameSpot Reviews - Way of the Samurai 4


  1. Played the first one in elementary, and have been playing the 3rd since its release. It makes me sad the 4th never came to 360 tho. Why a dying series would make their game more exclusive to ps3 is beyond me.

  2. So dont call it "way of the samurai" if your gonna joke around all throughout the damn game!….. fucks.

  3. I personaly enjoyed 1 and 2. 3 and 4 is just trying new things, that's kinds why it seems "not as gud" to most.

  4. This game is like Deadly Premonition. It's fundamentally rubbish on a technical and gameplay level, but is worth playing just to experience its weirdness and quirky sense of humor for yourself.

  5. I used to love the first game.  What happened?  It's like it became a straight up comedy and hasn't improved in graphics nor gameplay.

  6. I wish they made a Samurai game where you actually start off as a Samurai, and then at some points having to the choice to become a ronin Samurai, not just starting off as a random ronin for no reason.

  7. I am tired of western crap, over produce on the market, i guess i go back to my ancestor racial games.

  8. Wow, this is not the same Way of the Samurai game I remember playing.  What happened to this series?

    From what I've seen on this review, Im glad the feel of WOTS2 which I love are still there xD

    Btw why do you give it such a low score? I think games actually are meant like this, where it gives you ton of fun and sillines lol. Not like tipical games nowadays which always try to be perfect haha

  10. Part one of this game back in 2003 was good.I expected progress,I guess not.Smh ____.Not too bad though, still a fun game and what not.

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