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Gigantic Review (Open Beta) – Is it fun or is it dead in the water?


Gigantic Review (Open Beta) - Is it fun or is it dead in the water?


  1. you might want to go back and look at it again the voices have been updated and sounds sooo good

  2. Honestly I didn't like this game much, the gamemode is very interesting and works pretty well but some of the ingame features can get annoying, examples being you get only 5 characters you can play as without putting hours into the game. Something Overwatch did right to fix this is give us all the characters to play as so we can explore and find what we like and not be forced to get good with a character we dislike and then buy a character we might not even like to play as. There is also the issue of P2W which plagues almost everything ever other than games that only have cosmetics for the irl money side of things (a good example of p2w making a game complete garbage is robocrap whoops sorry meant to say robocraft)

  3. will this game have regional servers or regional p2p like they did on DOTA 2? Mostly these games were made to cater to NA or EU audiences and forget the asia regions

  4. I know the feeling of the frustration that comes with this exclusivity model. In addition to the Xbox and Win10 thing, the game requires an Nvidia graphics card, which I don't have. If you don't have it, the graphics are game-breaking and make it all but completely unplayable. I always felt particularly salty about this though, because I was actually in the closed beta and this problem didn't exist. Maybe I'm just the fool for not upgrading my hardware, but it's still kinda cold when I haven't had such an issue with any other game and it wasn't always there in the first place.

  5. I played its beta more than a year ago and I enjoyed it. What I hated about this game at the time was its long queues. Developers failed to release the game officially due to funding issues until it was absorbed by PWE. I tried to give it another go when I got a key for their "core" program to test it out again. Nothing much has changed in game. And also, the queues! Man, it really got me the 2nd time. Since then, I never looked at this game again. Shame though, it's an enjoyable one.

  6. I came from playing overwatch, and I don't even like MOBAs that much, but I love this game sooooo much. Every game feels like 5 minutes when it's really 20. It's insane how underrated this game is!

  7. Okay that "Gigantic clip of Trump saying Yuge" was funny maybe twice buy got really annoying really quickly…

  8. Hunterxhunter is one of my favorite animes and ive watched at least well over 100. I love you

  9. the upgrading system is what turned me off in this game… it slows down the game massively!

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