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Halo 3 map problem xbox 360?


Ok my halo 3 disc has never been able to process high ground on my 360 so a day ago I go to get it cleaned. And when I come back in the 360 won’t process the disc at all. So I go to rent a disc from the video store to play on Live. And when it goes to high ground i get the same message telling me to restart the console or to clean the disc. I’ve cleaned the disc twice and nothing works. There are no scratches on the disc either. But all the other maps except guardian don’t work. This was the same problem with my real disc and i don’t know what to do. Im afraid if i exchange my halo 3 disc with a new one from microsoft it won’t work because there is something wrong with the 360. Btw ive checked with all my other discs this only happens with my halo 3 disc.

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  1. try playing the disc on another 360 console, if it works your console is messed up. erasing halo 3 from hard drive might work , there might be a corrupted file, but i wouldnt do that

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