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How can I connect my PS3 to the internet?


I have a ps3 and really want to connect it to the internet. My laptop has wireless broadband (usb) internet. How do i connect my ps3 to the internet using the usb internet? Can I do it using WiFi or something? Pleeeez help! 🙂
I tried that but the playstation wasn’t picking up any Wifi. Am I going to have to buy a Wifi box thing?

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  1. You’re supposed to have a wireless network available locally (wirelessly) for when you browse for connections on your ps3 main screen. You will then locate one (linksys, netgear, etc.). You can connect wirelessly with them, and get started! You may want to buy your own linksys wireless router though. They range from 50-70 and work perfectly!

  2. all you half to do is go to system settings and then goto network then click on it and then turn it on to wifi

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