Home Playstation Forum how can i sign up or register to playstation network?

how can i sign up or register to playstation network?


i cannot do anything cause when i sign up from the ps3 it says the id or password is uncorrect same at the computer it says same can anyone help and say how is it with the steps

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  1. start from the begining.make a new user then goto sign up fill in everything and check your psn id isnt in use and dont use cap numbers(!ӣ$%^&*() ) in the password as I had them in mines and wouldnt let me sign in after I set up my account. OR if you have an account use the pc to sign in (using email address) click forgot password you will be given an email link so you can change the password.

  2. when you sign up you have to select to sign up for a new account then fill in the information asked for – your name , address , e-mail address etc. use a valid e-mail and pick a password and screen name. if you are just putting in an e-mail and password without having an existing account they won’t be accepted. the steps are pretty clear , try deleting your user on the ps3 or creating a new user and restart the process. fill in the information and if you are using a real e-mail address , street address with zip code etc. you’ll be signed up in a few minutes

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