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How do i connect hd component cables to my ps3?


I have a magnavox 26″ lcd hd tv. I dont have hdmi cables but i have hd component cables. I dont get how to plug them into the ps3.

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  1. ok so this is what you do

    step 1

    connect the end of the cable thats supposed to go into the ps3 (you do know where it goes right?) if yo dont then its near the power switch behind the ps3.

    step 2

    look to the back of the tv you should find multiple colored outlets.

    a couple that are just 3 colors (red white and yellow) those ones are for the A/V cables that came with the box.

    another set would have more clolors like blue and green this one is for the component cables you have

    step 4

    connect the cable and insert in the outlets using the correct color coordinates red to red blue to blue etc. (make sure its not mixed)

    step 5

    turn on ps3 turn on tv and find which viedeo channel your ps3 is at now (ex. video 1, video 2 etc.)

    step 6

    when the PS menu appears go to settings

    step 7

    find display settings

    step 8

    change the display to 720p or 1080i whatever resolution your tv can handle.

    step 9

    once you’re done with everything the ps3 will load the settings then when your done the font on the PS menu will become smaller that is a sign that the change you’ve done was a success.

    check the manual to see what its display specifications are first before changing anything on the ps3.

    hope this helped you out!:D

    don’t forget to pick a best answer!

  2. I’ll make it short and sweet.take out the composite regular cables.plug in the compnents.plug those into the back of your tv and change the resolution on the XBM from COMPOSITE to COMPONENT

  3. Plug it just like you would with composite cables on the PS2. Put the colored ends on the back of the TV and the other end on the PS3. It should be obvious where to plug the colored ends on the TV.

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