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How many CD’s come with the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection?


I’ve been reading and am a little confused. are all the games on 1 cd? is it something you download from the playstation network? or is each game on its own cd?


  1. All PS3 games come on Blu ray discs. Blu ray discs are extremely hard to scratch/ruin, support graphics up to 1080p and hold a LOT of memory on each disc compared to DVD/CD ROMS. DVD/CD ROMS are not good for the PS3, so it’s not recommended to play those disc types at all. Only play Blu ray movies.

    The MGS Collection will have the first 3 games on ONE Blu ray disc (since PS3 only gets games on Blu ray since it was designed to play Blu ray.) The downloadable version is essentially the exact same as the disc version, except you download and install it directly onto the PS3’s HDD. Both the disc and downloadable version support graphics up to 720p, support 3D, support trophies, and have been completely remastered for the PS3. ANY PS3 model can play these Collections as they were redesigned for the PS3 since they were originally PS2 games that not every PS3 model could play due to not having certain PS2 parts within the PS3 system.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Hi there,

    You can download Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes for free here: [url is not allowed]

    Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is one of the two parts in which Metal Gear Solid V is divided.

    It’s a very nice game.

  3. I don’t think there’s been such thing as a PS3 game (or collection of games) that comes on more than one Blu-ray disc and there likely won’t be for a long time. You’ve got more than 50GB to work with and most games don’t even use half. There’s only a few games that use an entire BD.

    We’ve come a long way from CD-ROMs which only had about 700MB to work with.

  4. the ps3 uses blu-ray discs NOT cd’s and blu-ray disk can hold heaps more data than a cd or a dvd, thats why it only comes with 1 blu-ray disc

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