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I bought an Xbox 360 over Amazon but will games bought in Australia work on it?


I bought the Xbox 360 Halo 4 Limited Edition over Amazon.com (there is no Australian Amazon) and because of my brother we just missed being able to pre-order one here at EB Games or JB HI-FI etc. so instead we bought it online on Amazon.com and I was just wondering if the Australian Xbox 360 games that we own will work on it.?

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  1. Wait tll it gets there, if it dosent play them you can send it back, amazon has a very good return policy

  2. cuando mi ordenador ha tenido un accidente no sabía si valía la pena cambiarle el hard disk o comprar otro nuevo, he tenido mucha suerte con amazon, he encontrado el producto perfecto, un transporte rápido y mi portátil funciona otra vez y mejor que antes porque el hard disk tiene una mejor velocidad de respuesta.

  3. yes you got your xbox from a different place( not Australia) so it is bound to work and if it dons not return it. if your still having trouble go here

  4. Not sure. HOWEVER, my PS3 would only read my English games when I migrated from England. good Luck bro, sorry I couldn’t help you out too much.

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