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I have a few xbox live questions?


What all can you do on xbox live besides netflix and playing multi player? Is there a way to surf the net, check out youtube, etc? I just want to make sure that I am not missing any of the things that my 360 has to offer.

Also, what all can you do with your ipod? Can you make it play songs while you are playing games? Thanks a lot.

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  1. i am not sure if you can surf the net i never tried but as for the ipod yeah you can hook it up and listen to your music while you play. i do it all the time to piss people off on live. LOL i bast it and then put my head set up against the tv speakers.

  2. You can hook your ipod up to your xbox and play songs no matter what your doing whether it be something such as a campaign or even a multiplayer match. Also don’t forget that the movies on your xbox that you can download are in HD as well which is also a really cool feature. The party system with friends is a good feature to hang with friends online. If you have rock band don’t forget to check out the DLC songs available

  3. You can download games demos, chat with friends, you cant surf the net, you can download full games, you can link your ipod your camera and your pc to your box

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