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if i dont play games much, but sometimes movies, is it worth getting the ps3?


ive had a ps2 sitting around for like 6 years unused other then being used as a dvd plyaer

i m considering getting a ps3, the original one, 80gb, for 215 dollars at futureshop/best buy

is it worth for me ot get it?

i thought it might be somethign nice to have around

im not much of a gamer but maybe having a blu ray player around would begood for the future

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  1. Absouloutly. I have an 80gb PS3 I bought mine for $600 when they were new. Getting it is way worth it for your sake because most good blu-ray players are around $300 plus with the PS3 if you ever do play videogames it’s great for that as well. If you get internet for PS3 you can also browse the web.

  2. Oh course, the PS3 is not only the best gaming system, it is also the best entertainment system around. Basically any disc can work on the ps3(excluding the hd-dvds). The ps3 has the ability to play divx format movies from the harddrive or from external device/DVD/CD, which is a plus. The ps3 upscaling video output is probably the best around making the picture and sounds that comes from a dvd-r sharper on larger tv’s.

  3. Yes it is worth it. If your a movie enthusiast, then the PS3 has several options for playing them: Blu-ray Disc Format or purchase/rent by downloading from the PS Store. PlayStation has the latest movies available in both standard def and high def. It is worth getting one.

  4. dude y would u ever do that dont u dare buy a ps3 if u are just going to use as a f.u.c.k.i.n.g blue ray player! wata f.u.c.k is wrong with u?

  5. ONLY blu-ray? Don’t bother, there are better, cheaper, and massive-power saving blu-ray players compared to the PS3.

    But for movies in general, definately get one. I use my PS3 as a media hub and watch movies/tv on it about 3 times as much as I play games. The ability to stream content from my PC allows me to play anything on it.

  6. no cause why spend 215 bucks on ps3 for the blu-ray player when you can get a regular blu-ray player for 150

  7. let me just start out with, dude that would be a slap in the face to gaming if you bought a ps3 for watchin stupd @ss blu ray movies. are you kidding my why dont you get a BLU RAY PLAYER if thats all your going to use.

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