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Initial D Extreme Stage Review-Playstation 3


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A review of Initial D Extreme Stage for the PS3, one of my most anticipated games for the system, but unfortunately a game that does not live up to its promise.

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Initial D Extreme Stage Review-Playstation 3

Initial D Extreme Stage PS3 Review


  1. My advice would be to play from the bumper cam, it makes driving easier. And set the steering sensitivity to the minimum setting. This game can play great with a controller if you want it to.

  2. this might be heeeeellllla late, but i think the game was designed for those who use a racing wheel, like how the series' old arcades had. also, with the arcade series, many of the racers drove with manual. but i understand where you're coming from aha.

  3. Shut up you faggot. This guy thinks he is a real driver with his steering wheel in his living room. Fucking loser. Go out and get your license bitch

  4. So obviously you have never played any of the Initial D arcade games before…first of all you are playing this game with automatic transmission…lol so I'm guessing you know very little about drifting…second this game is meant to be played with a high-end Logitech racing wheel and pedals not a controller …it's called clutch kicking..look it up..honestly this game and Wangan Midnight and 2 of the best Japanese Import Style racing games ever made…do more research before you review a game/magna series you obviously know nothing about.

  5. No denying the controls are sensitive in third person view. Protip: Use the first person view for serious races. It controls much much better there. Hope this helps you enjoy this fun game.

  6. I've played version 1,2,3 for the arcade. It's not something you adjust to in settings it's something you adjust to with your play style. The brake is never needed take corners in 3rd gear and just have fun with it. It's not a real life strategic drifting game. It's more of a drama filled keep you on the edge of your seat game.

  7. Looks like a great port of the Arcade version, which means I don't have to keep $aving up for an arcade machine! The controls are a little bit arcadish (Daytona if you will) but you do need to learn to drift, a Steering wheel helps, but paying attention to the throttle and using the gearshift are crucial. Go back and give it another shot! I have the Saturn version but this is way better!

  8. I found this game fairly easy to beat within a few months time and im very good at racing games, im surprised you found it difficult to the point that you didnt feel the game

    i found the controls extremely precise, is that strange? basically tiny movements would make the car make tiny movements, i was able to corner turns perfectly after getting used to that.

  9. gt 6 driving "common sense" doesn't translate well to this game, even with the wheel. you need to learn some weird tricks in order to race well. great and addicting game regardless though, I use a logitech g25 for my all my ps3 racing games (dirt 3, tdu2, nascar 2015, formula 2010, midnight club:la, and this game).

  10. I see a lot of people mentioning Sega Daytona 500. Just so's you know, it's available on PSN for $10 and works with the Logitech G27 nicely.

  11. I've been playing this game for years now, and the best way to win is using manual transmission, and replay every level over and over again to know what gear up need to be in at every corner. if u want to win u need to upgrade the car.

  12. great review. I just wanted to say, I've grown up playing the arcade games and watching the anime. having the PSP version, I know what you mean by hard to control the steering. lowering your sensitivity and using more of a tapping motion on the analog stick should help. as for corners, you want to actually slow down before engaging a turn and accelarate after you're nose in mid turn. you'll accelerate a lot faster as long as you don't hit the walls. as for bumping cars, just worry about your line, it'll push whichever car is going faster or accelerating quicker upon impact unless the faster car is directly behind the slower car.

  13. looks like a sensitivity close to ze  tekken5 loading game many couldnt play because: too eavy on controls

  14. This game is really arcady. This game is more catering to the Initial D fans and especially the Initial D Arcade machine game rather than people coming from racing sims.

  15. I think the only good racing games on the ps3 was midnight club la and need for speed hot pursuit…..i had high hopes for gran turismo and of course we found how big of a turd that was..

  16. PS4 has now been out and did very well in sales. Easier to develop. Very powerful. These are all good signs for Initial D to come back. Even better graphics would blow my mind. I'm really into street racing games with customization. So far I've only been lucky to have played Import Tuner Challenge, NFS Underground 1 & 2, Juiced 1 & 2. I kinda would like to get a PS2 and buy some older Japanese racing games one day. Maybe this for PS3? We'll see.

  17. Dude about the reboot thing on PS4, I sure hope so. But for other regions too! I mean thanks to the internet, we're more connected than ever. No more seeing Japan as the far land so unique and mysterious and with so many hidden games we never knew existed. I just got into Initial D. Haven't really been a anime guy so yeah. And I'm LOVING it! I might give Wangan Midnight a shot now. About the game for PS4 though, problem is they didn't sell as well as expected I guess because many street racing games never came back and many studios closed. Like with Tokyo Xtreme Racer, Import Tuner Challenge, etc. I read up on all of it. Sad that I'm just now getting into Japanese stuff. I wanna start now. Watch some famous racing animes, read some mangas and maybe buy a couple games for PS3.

  18. "Takeshi, don't stand so close! I mean if somebody didn't know any better they might actually think we're friends. So back off!" Hahahaha

  19. Those filthy japs, they get to have this game to themselves. They got fix the control settings though.

  20. I am sorry to say the drawing for the copy of initial d has ended for now I will do a new drawing soon so stay tuned to my videos and subscribe. But right know I am giving away a copy of gta5 for the ps3 rules are posted on my xbox 1 unboxing video. Enter to win it.

  21. Yes all initial d games are japan only but you can import them from ebay or play-asia.com it very worth it. I hope they make one for the ps4. I am waiting Namco.

  22. I am hoping to upload some new videos soon but my stuff is still not in korea my car is here now but not my house stuff. So stay tuned I have filmed a lot of vids here that will be uploaded.

  23. The song is called into the stream dont know the singer. Well this game is a arcade style 1v1 racer and the wangan midnight is like tokyo extreme racer but tue arcade maximum tune is a lot better. Check out my other video's to compare.

  24. Sorry no new videos I am in korea setting up my apartment but keep a eye should have some in the next 2 weeks thanks for subscribing

  25. The opening song is called dive into stream. You will be happy you got it but make sure its the jap version and not asia or else you wint have online. Cant waite to see if they will make a port for ps4. Yes ps3-ps4 can play games from any country.

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