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Is it worth buying a ps3 if I already have a 360?


So many of my good friends have xbox live so thats why I boguht it in the first place. But recently some of my best friends just bought ps3’s so I cannot play online with them. Is it worth me buying a ps3 so I can play with my friends? Also what games on the ps3 are good enough that i makes it worth it to buy?(rating does not matter)

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  1. YES buy a ps3 online is free.

    mag is a very good game. i sold my 360 to buy a ps3 last year.

    no regrets im sure alot of xbox owners will say no. but bottom line ps3 is epic i have the 120g slim

    and wouldn’t trade it for the world. online is easy and that’s really all i use it for.(wife hates that lol).

    if you do add me my psn is Bizzy_Bone_Baby

  2. Deff bro you can play all the better exclusives on ps3 that you have been missing out for years

  3. Get it because if you like you friends that much you would get it and PS3 can do alot of stuff thats 360 cant do and it has really good exclusives am not saying keep or sell your X-BOX or just have both but i would have both if i were you and if you cant afford it you might want to sell your 360

  4. i have both, and i will say it is worth it as now i dont have to worry much about console specific games anymore but the only thing is, deciding which console to buy a game for that is not console specific. once you get a ps3 you will be able to watch bluray, and built in wireless connectivity,(if you have a router). i suggest buying little big planet as it is a great game, or you could wait for the second one to come out as it is basically the same but with a better engine and more mechanics.

  5. Dude. PS3 is just amazing. More amazing then a cat that says hi to you. I mean cmon. The best system ever. GET ONE AND HAVE FUN

  6. Yes its very much worth it U have a 360 and now u have a PS3 u get to enjoy the pest of both consoles, its like playing on a console that has a great controller and Strong GPU and very much cool Exclusive game and have better Online Experience and CPU and media play back and UI and Hardware.=)

    best answer plz

  7. I say buy the PS3! with both consoles, you have access to all the great exclusives on both Xbox and PS3 and you’ll be able to play with your friends

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