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Is my PS3 Breaking Again?


Sorry for the profanity but this is


I have sent in my PS3 2 times to be fixed. 2!! The first time it wasn’t even touched. The second time ONLY games worked. After exactly a week in vain, I let a DVD in all night and in the morning it said it needed to reboot some core processor and it fixed it. It was working perfectly fine until yesterday (3/2/11) Now, I do not know if it was Red Dead Redemption, the sudden subscription to Netflix, the brand new system update, or just Sony being assholes but my PS3 stopped playing A FEW PS3 games. Games like Red Dead Redemption (the game that started it) and Little Big Planet 2. Today in blind rage I just did a system restore (I now have to install all games AGAIN, play through LBP2 for the THIRD TIME, and beat Fat Princess for the fourth.) thinking it would fix everything. It made it worse. No PS3 games work now. I am going to go through what is happening and what may have caused it and if you know if it can be fixed through me then please for the love of god tell me.

Possible Causes:

1: Red Dead Redemption. It stopped working completely and I did a google search and it came up that RDR crashes PS3’s. Not sure what to do about that.

2: I subscribed to Netflix through the PS3 two days ago (3/1/11). Not sure if that would do anything but you never know.

3: I had just recently installed the new update and THAT might have something to do with it.

and 4: They may have just not fixed it again.

The problem:

Whenever I put a game in it freezes on a black screen or during the opening of the game (i.e. in mirror’s edge it freezes during the EA Games symbol) and whenever I go into the Trophies section it freezes the main screen. Whenever it is off for prolonged periods of time, I have to input the video output settings again and the theme and background restore to the original setting.

Note: This is NOT what was happening to it before I sent it in for the second time

So please tell me if I gotta send it in again.

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  1. I have no idea why it keeps breaking unless it’s something you are doing wrong that’s a factor , like hard shutdowns or no ventilation but can tell you that when you send a ps3 for repair they don’t fix YOUR ps3 and return it. they send you another ps3 that someone else returned and was refurbished.

    yours would be either eventually fixed or used as parts.

    they are always going to send a used ps3 back and sometimes it might have some used parts near failing so it needs to be cared for well.

    you might have to send it in again , but you can try restoring it yourself first.

    if you get another refurbished ps3 take care of it properly , keep it cool , ventilated and dust free and be sure to properly quit games and shut down right and soft reset if it freezes.

    rdr did crash ps3’s but that was patched months ago.

    maybe the problem is you don’t keep games updated or update the ps3 regularly?

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