Home Xbox Forum just got live yesterday, my rep is 3 stars?

just got live yesterday, my rep is 3 stars?


Does just getting xbox live yesterday have anything to do with the 3 stars? I’ve played call of duty 4 for a total of 5 hours online so far. I don’t trash talk or anything.but I do usually tell my team mates when there are snipers and stuff like that. just wondering why all my friends have 5 stars and mines so low. Is it because I’m new to live?

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  1. Everyones rep starts at 3 stars when you join LIVE so you don’t look bad. Your rep goes up or down when people submit player reviews on you (depending on if they give you a bad or good review). You can review another player by selecting their gamertag and choosing submit player review.

  2. it is because you are new to live that s allo, give it a good week and you should be 5 stars in no time

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