Home Videos Let’s Play Zombi on Xbox One – ZombiU Xbox One Gameplay

Let’s Play Zombi on Xbox One – ZombiU Xbox One Gameplay


Let's Play Zombi on Xbox One - ZombiU Xbox One Gameplay


  1. guys,is this game worth it ?,Kinda like the atmosphere but i don't know if at the end it is,thanks.

  2. The real question is why is Jane so disgruntled about Andy's London references. Where's she from? Essex?

  3. Bullshit the train line is way more compercated ps that is real forage of London not fiddling I bean there |0 ha

  4. I have finally had my question answered! I've been wondering where the oxbox team is stationed for a long time.

  5. This game is shit on the newer consoles. Its basically pointless to explain why because everyone's got a biased opinion, but the fact that there is no more real time item management makes the game less scary and makes it less like real life where you prepare for anything instead of running in guns blazing. The fact the cricket bat now kills faster and swings MUCH faster makes the games difficulty shoot way down, and again makes it less scary because you don't have to prepare, I bet someone already beat the game with over powered melee weapons without guns or dying. The Wii U made the game pretty perfect because when you're looking down at your inventory, you're not paying attention to zombies and you have to listen just in case something is coming making it scary. You had to scan rooms wit the pad and could do 360 with the control, as well as using the pad to aim with the crossbow and miniguns. it sucks on newer consoles because everything unique about it is gone.

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