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Medal of Honor Airborne Gameplay: Mission 1


Medal of Honor Airborne Gameplay: Mission 1


  1. wow lol i have this game on PS3 and this fps looks unnaturally good as it only gets barely 15 fps xDD

  2. Man this was a great game. The great level design, graphics and weapon realism (they actually took the real guns from the game and fired them to get the sound effects) not to mention the michael giacchino music made for the best war/fps game ever made. If you haven't played this game, it may be old but it's graphics are way ahead of its time, I really recommend it.

  3. I like how some one appreatiated the Italians participation in the ww2. They weren't completely ready for ww2 by themselves, and Germany aided them with weapons and equipment, but mentally, governmentally, and within there own military,, ww2 just wasn't there thing.

  4. What I've always respected about the Medal of Honor games is that they portray war realistically, respect the soldiers that served, teach the player many things about the war they're virtually fighting in, and actually manage to make the games more than brainless carnage. Now let's talk about Call of Duty…

  5. Definitivamente mejor que Call of Duty 2 y World at War. Lastima que es demasiado corto sino definitivamente hubiera sido mucho mejor recibido que Call of Duty WaW por la comunidad gamer 

  6. Good video, but a pet peeve of mine is when people shoot off their guns when there's no need. Just annoying.

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