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Medieval Madness – Pinball Hall of Fame: Williams Collection (XBox 360) (Part 11) – Crooooow Plays


Medieval Madness - Pinball Hall of Fame: Williams Collection (XBox 360) (Part 11) - Crooooow Plays


  1. How come on the DMD animations were included in the Williams Collection of the Pinball Hall of Fame, but the animations were left out of the Gottlieb Collection.

  2. I had played this table to death at this one bowling alley and loved every second.  I was distraught when it was removed one day and I never saw it again!!!!!!

  3. Medieval Madness, No Good Gofers, and Tales of the Arabian Nights are only on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection. The PS2, XBox, Gamecube, PSP, and Wii versions of the game do not have these tables.

  4. I usually do much better on this table which is why I was surprised I kept failing at it so much.

  5. Yes!! I downloaded it for my G2X as soon as it was released. Physics seem much improved but I noticed a flaw and I don't know if there's any way around it. You can try an alternate skill shot in that table if you hold down the left flipper while you launch the ball. The problem is that as soon as you touch the screen, the ball launches. I wonder if there's a work around for the alternate skill shot attempt.

  6. I have "The Pinball Arcade" for iPad and they just added this table…Now I can enjoy its epic soundtrack and awesome gameplay anywhere!

  7. @Croooow111 oh ok. remember one on gottlieb collection. that game had others that weren't pin tables too.

  8. @LoricElf It was too close for my taste. I had to practice up on this table after I made the video, lol.

  9. @electricadventures Yeah, it's one of the best sounding tables and it very interesting with the castle that gets "destroy" with the working drawbridge and gate.

  10. @LoricElf I was thinking more like $4,000 minimum, but I guess it really depends on the condition.

    I saw that color display on an Attack From Mars machine. It was pretty cool.

  11. @james42519 Pinball machines didn't always have flippers and were commonly used as gambling machine or "games of luck". The first pinball machine with flippers wasn't created until the late 40's, but sometime in the 50's I believe there was a law banning pinball machines because they were considered gambling machines. In the 60's or 70's it was proven in court that pinball was a game of skill, the law was repelled, but pinball machines still have that note "For Amusement Only"

  12. @broken1394 And collectors will agree! A decent Medieval Madness table can easily go between $4,000 and $6,000 I believe.

  13. @666jamie666 After I made this video I had to practice up on this table a bit and I can now get about 20 million easy on this table. I think I was just horribly out of practice when I filmed this. My top score is now well over 200 million on this table.

  14. @GammaGoblinX This is definitely one of my favorite tables in the game too. I've only gotten to do the video mode minigame a handful of times and I have yet to complete it.

  15. @flynnz YOU were stressing!!! I thought I was going to have to start the challenge from the beginning!

  16. @blablupp77 Don't think there is a PC Version of this game… BUT check out "The Pinball Arcade" It's going to come out (soon hopefully) for many formats including PC and one of the first DLC tables will be Medieval Madness!

  17. @BigDaddyDarth That's weird. The PS3 version must have had a more limited run than the Xbox 360 version. I had to check Frys as well on my way more from work the other day and they didn't have it anymore either.

  18. @Croooow111
    Yeah…checked. They are out of the PS3 version too…lol
    I cant figures out why the PS3 version is so hard to find. Everyone and their mother has the 360 version for sale.
    Thanks though. 🙂

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