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My accidental ps3 fraud?


I accidentally spent £170 on my dads card on my ps3 , what will happen will they block my ps3 , my account , or will the police take me to court or will they just block my ps3 and just leave it as that , i really scared?

Now the police are investigating and my dads got his money back

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  1. Wwll before it got to the police stage why dint u admit it? How wood u accidently order something like that? U need to fess up dude

  2. Tell him as soon as you can. You should have told him immediately and seen if Sony could refund you. He’ll probably be pissed, and you might be punished, but you shouldn’t wait and have the consequences be worse. You sound pretty young, so I assume you’re under 18 and live with him. In that case, I doubt he’ll press charges. If you’re above 18, and you jacked his card, you better hope he’s a nice guy.

    Just confess now. If the police aren’t retarded, they’ll check the transaction and see its your Playstation account.

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