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My xbox 360 won’t play any disks?


It just says open tray like there’s no disk when there is. It has no error message or anything. it plays downloaded content just fine. Does my disk drive need cleaning.

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  1. i had this to. very annoying. send me 1600 mps (microsoft points) and i will show you how to fix your xbox

  2. maybe the laser has gone bad try to blow it out, but if your under warrenty and blowing it out with compressed air doesnt work just send it in they will fix it for free(DO NOT OPEN THE CASING UP IT VOIDS WARRENTY!). if your not under warrenty open that peice of crap up and do what ever you can to fix it.

    this is a web site where you can get a whole new disk drive. it will be much cheaper doing it this way. if do send it in out of warrenty they will make you pay $100!

    [url is not allowed]

    if you need help doing this there are many videos on youtube

  3. did you check the eye. The eye is the thing that reads the disk and maybe that is the problem. It might need to be cleaned with compressedd air, or maybe ineeds to be replaced.

    hope it works for you!

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