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Nyko Data Bank for PlayStation®4 – Walkthrough


Nyko Data Bank for PlayStation®4 – Walkthrough


  1. When i try to transfer the update from my usb drive it won't let me it tells me the update file could not be used and gives me error code CE-34788-0
    Any idea why and how i could fix it??

  2. the black piece the slide in were your old hard drive goes doesnt fit. it will not allow the cover to go over it

  3. But what about all the games on that hard drive? Do you have to re-download everything?

  4. Will all the data I've saved to my PS4 prior to installing the data bank be on the original drive or will it all carry over to the data bank?

  5. Very Good Product ^^ if you guys have alot of PSN games this product is the best. Thanks Nyko Tech

  6. to save all game data, can I just log in to my PlayStation account and re-download all of my games with all my progress saved?

  7. Wait do I need a new hardrive to upgrade my storage, or can I keep the one that came with my ps4 to upgrade the storage?

  8. Does Nyko Data Bank support ps4 pro? I want to replace the tiny 1tb hard drive of my ps4 pro.

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