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Overlord HD Walkthrough Part 1


Overlord HD Walkthrough Part 1


  1. here is an advice if you planing to make a walkthrough first finish the game. No one wants to see your wasting time while you try to find your way………

  2. why I can't hear sound… subtitles finish 2 second (can't read that cause it too fast).., I check option and it didn't work… what happened ?? how I get back to normal sound and subtitles and everything???

  3. This is totally different to the Wii version. The Wii version wasn't bad, but it was actually really really funny and brutally fun with a proper story-line and everything. This Xbox 360 version is like it's own separate game and I think I might get it…

  4. Look like a fun game for me to play, always enjoying playing evil shit lol. So I bought it from Steam for $1.24 heh heh

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