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Painkiller Hell and Damnation: Avalanche Reviews


Painkiller Hell and Damnation: Avalanche Reviews


  1. Well Jared you've done it again. I love it! Haven't played an oldschool shooter since Duke Nukem:Megaton edition and this looks fun as fuck. I consider bad voice acting a plus for these type of games lol. For me, it's a mindless, fast paced action fest that I come(cum?) for. I gotta make a list of all your trashed classics because I'm losing track of all the games to buy real quick. Thanks again!

  2. No you shouldn't buy this game, more than three quarters of the game was removed and sold to you separately as DLC, so the length not including the DLC is THREE HOURS and I was playing it on medium. The game without DLC costs £18, and when you add the DLC that's an extra £30 on top for what should of been in the game to begin with. There are also unnecessary changes to the levels and for a HD remake it doesn't look much better than the original. You should really just play or buy Painkiller black (full original game with the first expansion pack).

  3. This game is kick ass for sure I loved the original painkiller and this game just extended more on that love ^_^ By any chance, what are you PC specs if ya don't mind me ask? Can't wait to see more videos 🙂

  4. I just picked this up on Steam on PC for $3.99. Yeah, I can definitely confirm that Pain Killer Hell and Damnation is a thousand times better than the black edition. Also, with my alienware, when you collect a certain number of souls and go into this "super kill mode" all of the lights on my gaming laptop switch to a bright, bloody, flashing red, which looks awesome at night. The weapons are better, controls are better, there's more enemy variety and the graphics are leaps and bounds beyond Black Edition's. This is the definitive Pain Killer. No nonsense as far as changing clips or any of that junk, you're thrown into a cool, atmospheric level, brimming with sweet evil and satanic imagery with piles of bullets everywhere, and badass, well designed weapons (a ninja star throwing gun that shoots lightning!?), and your objective is to kill and collect every living and undead creature's souls to pay off your debt to the reaper. Fun as hell.

  5. Not sure how I missed this when it was originally uploaded. Painkiller is one of my all-time favorite games, and one I still go back to kill a few hours with a few times a year. I enjoyed H&D, but admittedly I felt a couple of things weren't done quite as well as the original (like you mentioned, the voice acting and story, for one). It also probably didn't help that it didn't run phenomenally on my machine, so I've still yet to play it maxed out at 60fps. Still, I highly recommend it, or for those want the real blast from the past, the original is cheap on Steam and GOG.com as well. Great review!

  6. Back when it was developed by People Can Fly, the team split. One team kept doing Painkiller and the other did Necrovision, which you should most definitely check out if you haven't. It's like Painkiller meets Wolfenstein, but in World War I.

  7. Just came out on PSN, I think a download of this and a few beers might make for a fun Friday night.

  8. Developers need to understand how to market their games to the people that want to play them. Call of Duty fans don't want a Resident Evil games, so Capcom shouldn't be trying to sell them one.

  9. Thanks, but I can't take credit for the song. It's called "blue water blue sky" from the Guilty Gear X2 soundtrack. The whole album is amazing!

  10. Here´s another cool game that you´ll like. It´s not as impressive like "The Routine gameplay trailer" but is worth checking out.

    Is minecraft but in a normal setting……. kind of:


  11. "a first person horror exploration game" I literally could not be more excited about this if I tried. It looks incredible!

  12. Truth, I've been playing person 4 a shit ton lately and the voice acting and writing alone drove my wife to pick it up. As far as remakes go, I don't understand why they can't just give a game a new facelift without adding a bunch of nonsense. Thankfully we got lucky with this one.

  13. Almost all voice acting in games drives me nuts. So far, the only series that has really impressed me with voice acting – and writing – is the Persona series.

    And yeah, remakes that keep piling on extras kind of drive me bonkers. As beautiful as the Bionic Commando platforming remake was, I found that game to be completely inferior to the NES classic (though I am probably in the minority on that one).

  14. awesome, cuz I was blown away playing deus ex human revolution, the story & the choices that could literally effect your gameplay later on. Specially when you persuading people really love that part I was so immerse in it & blown away.

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