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Project Cars – PS4 Game Review – | SnapbackWill


Project Cars - PS4 Game Review - | SnapbackWill


  1. I bought this game last year summer 2016 on a hum bug. Never even knew it existed. Someone bought it, must didn't like and took it back to Game Stop. That's where I bought it from used. Gonna buy me a T150 racing wheel soon. Love the game. Was looking for a NASCAR game but it wasn't out yet so I got Project Cars and been happy ever since. I have the new NASCAR Heat Evolution game. Love both games. Looking forward to meeting and racing with you guys.

  2. You can download ten extra cars for free from psn plus free livery bundles too. Thought I would mention this.

  3. Just played Project Cars GOTY and the speech coming from my controller freaked me out the first time it happened. Pretty cool feature though.

  4. But it's nothing like real life. Real life racing has rewards (and punishments). This game has only one. Fastest times. If you are not an elite racer where's the reward?

    Sure the cars look great but that is not enough.

  5. This was a really well written review, thank you it helped me make the decision to by this game!

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