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PS3 HDMI port problem?


Hi everyone.

I just bought a Playstation 3 no more than two days ago. When I got it, I plugged it into my PC monitor with the help of an HDMI -> DVI adapter and it worked fine, I got video output. Then barely 24 hours after that I replugged it (I use the PC with the monitor too so I have to unplug the PC and plug the PS3 in) and turned the PS3 on and there was nothing but darkness. The monitor apparently detects something because it does not display the “Check cable” message but it’s just pure blackess, no flickering, no nothing. I though it was the cable, so I tried with another cable and tried the “faulty” cable on another PS3 and there it worked fine. I also plugged my PS3 into one other monitor and one television and the result was the same – darkness. The scart connection works so I’m guessing it’s not PS3’s fault per se but just the HDMI port. Is there some solution to this or was I merely lucky enough to recieve a one in a million faulty PS3? Thanks.

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