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i got a ps3 on craigslist for my bday and i thought it was broken because it wouldent turn on so i called sony and they took my address,phone,email and they took my ps3 pin number the problem was i never pluged in the ps3 all the way thats why it wasnt turning on but what if the ps3 i got is stolen could i get in trouble i just bought in on craigslist i cant get in trouuble even if the guy sold me a stolen ps3 because i didnt know and there isnt even a recipt

i mistakly told them a wrong bday does that matter i said i got it after my bday because my dada was waiting for it to get cheaper and i mistakly said my bday is on dec,24 but it is on aug,27 i was thinking on my buddys bday i got it two weeks ago

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  2. well you can’t get in trouble you didn’t sell the item, if they find out it was indeed stolen, then the seller could get in trouble, and with sony, I know they give you a 15-digit number make sure you keep this, call them back and tell them there was a misunderstanding.

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