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Question about Playstation Plus?


Ok I recently got a Playstation 4. With it, comes a code for a 30 day trail of Playstation Plus. I put the code in, but it says that I have to enter my credit card information in order to comfirm it, or something like that. Does anybody know why?

I want to buy a full years membership for playstation plus.but I’m just wondering can I just go & buy a PSN card for it, or is it still gonna require a credit card even if I do get the PSN card. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. I’ve never used playstation plus before.

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  1. The credit card is used for two reasons , to confirm you are an adult and able to agree to the subscription agreement legally is one , but the biggy is because it is a trial subscription Sony need to be sure you can be charged for renewal if you don’t cancel since it renews automatically

    the trail is only usable by new members , if you buy a membership before redeeming the trial you can’t use it , but if you decide you just want to buy a membership and forget the trial you can simply use a psn card or buy a psn plus card in a store and redeem the code

    if you just get a year membership give the trail to someone else who has not been a plus member

  2. Absolutely, You can choose to purchase PSN Card to add funds to your account used it for anything like subscribing to PS+. Just remember one is not require to used their credit card on the PlayStation Store unless they want too. here is the link to Digital PSN card, on Amazon.com.

    Edit: You can buy the subscription card in a retail store and redeem the code without using a credit card. Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon and Target sells them in Store.

    1-Year PlayStation Plus Membership – PS3/ PS4/ PS Vita [Digital Code]

    [url is not allowed].

  3. That’s weird. I wouldn’t type in my credit card info. Maybe you did something wrong. Just go to redeem codes in the Playstation store, and type in your code. Also If you buy a PSN Card, you will NEVER have to use a credit card.

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