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Rebel Galaxy PS4 Review


Rebel Galaxy PS4 Review

Rebel Galaxy - Top 5 Reasons to Play (PS4/Review/Gameplay)

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  1. u mentioned the story is nothing 2 get excited about, I would agree with you up until 95% completion because 4 me I almost wanted 2 cry and I wished I could go back in time and stop my self from crossing the point of no return

  2. Bugger…..I had Firefly in my noggin after you mentioned it so I spent the past two days watching all of it again. Such a great series and ended well before its time.

  3. Thanks for the review. Its nice to listen to a YouTuber that doesn't make me want to poke my eardrums out. You got yourself a new subscriber.

  4. these days Starpoint Gemini 2 was free in steam and i get that hunger for space games… but SpG2 is a bit clunky…
    i think i would buy this one. i'm a little disappointed that it's only in 2d plane though…

  5. Do NOT Play this game. Sure it's awesome at first but after 10-20 hours of game play your data will randomly get corrupted and you will have to start over. Very ticked that there is no fix to this and the develops just don't care.

  6. All I can say is for 2 Devs this game is amazing, huge Freelancer fan and this game is essentially a fanboygirl sequel (Clearly the Devs are). As for no sky at all (No Man's Sky) was a Peter Molyneuxesk hype game we all know Elemental Storm is playing more Rebel Galaxy. Keep your eyes peeled for Star Citizen and it's BETA. Also special note to the Devs for getting this onto consoles and for optimising the game to 2.3GB, fantastic loading times and high FPS at this date.

  7. I agree this game is really well made, if a sequel is made with co-op it will blow my mind, so make it happen!

  8. I'll give you the 6th: It's free this month with PS+ xD
    Nah, but seriously, this game looks great, another look at a space game, maybe for people who doesn't like NMS? Or those who wants to try another thing i guess…

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