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Risk Let’s Play (PS4, XBox1, PS3, XBox360) Gameplay With Live Commentary Part 2 of 3


Risk Let's Play (PS4, XBox1, PS3, XBox360) Gameplay With Live Commentary Part 2 of 3

Let's Conquer The World! (RISK-PS4)



  2. Why would you divide your forces after a successful attack on a choke point? Any territory that isn't under direct threat from the enemy shouldn't have more then 1 troop on it.

  3. Your just making the game go on longer… You can take easily take Africa and fortify it well. But nope… your too much on the defensive.

  4. Are you on the ps4? If so I have it we can play Ive been looking for someone else to play with. Let me know.

  5. Not to be mean but oh my god really so you really think that if you hav more tanks you'll win and he didn't say that to the game he was talking about real life that just pisses me off in real life it depends on the technology of the artillery not if there's more

  6. "Do you not know how to play!?"

    Bro I don't even fucking know what this game is. Don't worry about it lmfao

  7. Hey Leonidas, really glad you're enjoying the game. I worked on cinematic cutscenes and animations in the game and my colleagues and I put a lot of hard work into making it look and play the way we wanted. I've just uploaded my showreel to YouTube so check it out if you want to see more of the war clips from the game. Cheers.

  8. Hey man I'm a fan of your aspirations so here's alittle advice, I know it cost good money and paper doesn't grow on trees but when you got the green get a face cam and higher quality audio equipment and your subscriber count should rise purely based on content quality which the entry level youtuber seems to lack in my experience.

  9. +Leonidas Olympia Did you live stream to Twitch and then upload to Youtube? If you did, how did you do that?

  10. The reason why defensive team wins ties is that in real life there would be home field advantage for them. Defensive positions naturally have an upper hand in combat due to a multitude reasons.

  11. 2 hour video on Risk gets more views than my videos lol smh.

    Sweet video actually I am thinking of buying this game.

  12. Good for you man, don't listen to people who complain if you lisp, if you wanna stream keep streaming dude. (y)

  13. This video was kind of unbearable to watch, even skip through. Do you have braces or something in your mouth? 

    Who doesnt know how to play risk @_@

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