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Ryse: Son of Rome – How to Level Fast – Multiplayer


Ryse: Son of Rome - How to Level Fast - Multiplayer


  1. I had a combo of 4037 because my game glitched alittle…… I just kept hittng him over and over and he didn't die……… but I was level 7 and when I was done I became level 87
    awesome and I also got a shit ton of gold……… but I had spent that in less than 5 minutes

  2. Anyone still playing this game? If so, add me. GT: AGUSTIN40 I'll be playing with anyone on multiplayer

  3. Can anyone tell me where to find the sniper rifle in the campaign after Ryse sees his father murdered?

  4. my highest combo was about 380, my friend about 420…
    Does anyone know what is the highest Rank in Ryse?
    Last night I became Level 134…

  5. With the new survival mode that has been added you can level up fast I got almost 500,000 xp and I was with a rank 12 and he/she got 130,000.

    But awesome video straight to the point if you want to play sometime add me on Xbox: l Dyllan l

  6. my gamer tag is Piercian not shur right now if theres caps so try both piercian or the other one

  7. hay man u should have more subscribers keep making more ryse son of room vids an ill stay tuned and id like to play with u sometime.And best of all u earned a subdcriber 

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