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SADX secrets and unlockables


SADX secrets and unlockables


  1. Metal Should just straight up die in water because he is a robot. He would get electrocuted.

  2. can I have your gamecube memory card then to play the game so I can finally save the game instead of restarting ever single time?

  3. Metal Sonic uses Sonic's Base. That's why he runs. But I guess he gets his own base in SA2B. Oh well. I know this vid is about 4 years old so you don't have to reply to this. xP

  4. So I go and buy DX thinking "Yeah! Metal Sonic as a playable character? I've always wanted a Metal Sonic story!" I purchased DX, find out he doesn't have a story and you need to find all the fricking emblems before you can play as him. SEGA, you douchebag.

  5. I don't mean to spam here bit I use the rhythm badge 'that's the name' on the egg walker fight

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