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Should I Buy? Thomas Was Alone [Review]


Should I Buy? Thomas Was Alone [Review]


  1. On the Steam store page it will say "Early Access Game" with a big blue banner if it's an alpha or beta. These are games that aren't quite complete yet.

  2. oh,understood,may I ask how i know via steam if a indie game is in alpha or a beta stage? I had no clue about it,I also new in steam,all features new to me,is it clear to see its still in the develop stage?
    ty for the quick respond by the way,ill keep follow you,its fun to see you play,your commentary is great! =)

  3. I'm glad you enjoy them. It looks like the game you're suggesting is still in alpha, and I don't review games until they're out of beta – it wouldn't be fair to the indie developers. That way they have time to make a complete game before I analyze it.

  4. man,I realy love your reviews,can u plz make 1 for full mojo rampage?
    i think its nice if you will,i see you chack indie games so plz review this game =)
    i realy think alot if i should buy it,but idk alot about make pros and cons in games,so im kinda wonder if this is my kind of rpg or not….keep with the good work man! you are great!

  5. Your reviews are great dude. Keep it up. Your thoughts about this game matched exactly with mine 😀 Might I suggest using a different thumbnail image for your channel 🙂

  6. Have you considered doing Dungeons of Dredmor? After seeing your thoughts on on FTL I'd be curious to see what you think of Dredmir.

  7. Yeah like you say I don't mind the obviousness, though the repetition was a bit grating at times. One thing I didn't mention in the review that was weird is the length of the beginning levels – I found myself having to stop before the end to let the audio finish. Wish they had polished up the level design just a bit more in both those regards.

  8. I absolutely loved this game. The soundtrack and story are some of the finest Ive seen in indie games. But like you said, the puzzles were pretty obvious, but i felt like that was the developer's intention. This felt more like a story driven game than a puzzler. Since the story is so engaging, pretty much anyone can enjoy this game. For the current price, its a steal.

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