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SkyDrift (PS3) Gameplay


SkyDrift (PS3) Gameplay

Skydrift Stage 1 – Tutorial Clip

Its a great game like Slipstream 5000 for the PC by Gremlin Interactive 1995.

Skydrift - PS3 HQ

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  1. Oh ok, well i'm glad you told me, now i don't have to waste my money on a hacking infested game.

  2. nice! it's like a mario kart / diddy kong racing / microsoft flight kinda game with grid intro before the race and everything. ridge racer physics and you got medals just like battlefield! this game reminds me of just about everything, they sure where inspired!

  3. @Raluuf
    That's what I heard. I saw some vids of Blur but you know what?
    This game is more like ModNation Racers in terms of style of play.
    It's exactly the same weapons. Only difference is that SkyDrift doesn't
    have the warp pick-up (which isn't a weapon). Now if SkyDrift can allow us to build our own tracks like ModNation, that would be awesome!
    But then again, it would be more expensive than $15.
    There is a new DLC where you can do dog fighting in deathmatch and team deathmatch.

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