Home Videos Sony PlayStation E3 2017 Press Conference Under 7 Minutes

Sony PlayStation E3 2017 Press Conference Under 7 Minutes


Sony PlayStation E3 2017 Press Conference Under 7 Minutes


  1. People arguing about who won and I'm just here only watching the stuff for playstation cause I don't need to know about xbox lmao

  2. wooow i am glad to watch that Sky of Azura arrives on Nintendo Switch.E3 videoE M O T I O N S 100%

  3. Both xbox and playstation had good e3's but only the main games of both looked good. Like the random games weren't that great for either one.

  4. As Sony Pony, I have to say that this year the trophy definitely goes to Xbox.
    I will be buying their new console for $500, which is definitely a steal for what it can do compared to the competition consoles (NOT PC).
    The games they showed didn't even look like sequels, but rather, expansion packs for games they already have.
    Was hoping for TLOU2, as well as a new Bloodbourn or something good.
    O well, I guess I have that fishing game and Knack 2 to look forward to.

  5. Yes the new Xbox is awesome, but I guarantee you Sony will announce the PS5 next year and since they will have the extra year of development it will be even better than the Xbox X. I still prefer Sonys game lineup, so I will wait it out till PS5.


  7. God this all looks so boring and uninteresting!! Wasn´t there a Final Fantasy 7 remake supposed to come out one day? Yeah, nice trick to announce such a thing YEARS before it actually comes out, assholes!!

  8. I own both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Crazy, right? After watching both press conferences I can safely say(*IMO*) Xbox "won". Whatever that means, lol. But there's nothing to win so what are they "winning"? The hearts and minds of fanboys? Seems that way. I digress. Xbox has some really good-looking multiplayer games coming out(State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves, if you're into this kind of game, A Way Out and Anthem to name a FEW). Sony better step up their game! Anyone else excited about the remastered SotC? Yea. Me either. It looks great but we've/I've already played it(most of us – if you haven't go try it out). I wreckon D2 and COD WWII will have to suffice until the greatness that is 2018 arrives.

  9. i only have an xbox,,, but im just imagining all theses great looking games on the One X. MS really doesnt have that in their Launch Lineup. They gotta spend that money on good, story driven games for us.

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