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Sony PlayStation – Talk About Games


Mike and Ryan look back at the original Sony PlayStation game console! Twitter Mike ✜ https://twitter.com/Mike_Matei
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Sony PlayStation - Talk About Games


  1. Mike actually made a really good point about the power button and eject button on the PS4, I fuckn hate them as well..

  2. Am I seriously the only person who liked Castlevania on N64? I spent many hours playing it.

  3. I grew up with a PS1, and perhaps one of the biggest problems with it was that the graphics solution didn't have a Z-buffer, which caused the squiggly textures that made it look more hideous than it could have been.

  4. I wish you would have at least mentioned Tony Hawk Pro skater, Tenchu, Tekken, Oddworld, Spryo, Soul Reaver. There were so many good games that the graphics werent always the best but the story, concepts, and breaking new ground was really a huge step in gaming.

  5. Playstation was release LONG before n64. Why the hell are you even comparing the two? So much disrespect on the tied best console of all time. Just thinking about the PS demo disk 1 that it came with gives me warm fuzzies. Espn extreme games! Destruction derby xD ahhh it was truly when consoles crossed over from adolescence to adulthood.

  6. 2D N64 games… Mischief Makers, Pokemon Puzzle League. 2.5D Yoshi's Island, Paper Mario… All great games, by the way.

  7. God, hearing that playstation startup brought back so much nostalgia. I haven't touched a PS1 in years.

  8. i remember i didnt owned a ps1 but still went and bought megaman x4 just so i can play it on my cousins playstation

  9. man…Ryan, dude, I like you but god damn dude you should of brushed up on your ps1 history before doing this video.

  10. My two favorite PS1 games are Smackdown 2 and Tony Hawk's ProSkater 2. I would play those games whenever I visited my cousin and I would beat him in Smackdown 2 and he would beat me in ProSkater 2. Great times and memories. Thanks for this vid guys. See you next time.

  11. I liked the Playstation because of the rendered cutscenes in the (second reason) JRPGs. N64 failed in JRPGs massively.

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