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Supreme Commander 2 – Cybran


Supreme Commander 2 - Cybran


  1. Notice Cybran ACU looks like UEF Tech 3 Shielded Assault Bot "Titan" from previous Games…

  2. are you guys planning for another Supreme Commander because in 2 you guys left it open for another game is there any thing on that…..?

  3. Gunship spam/monkeylord rush is more or less an insta win. If you're against an aeon and cybran player then prepared to get fucked in the ass real hard.

  4. Whoever invented this game could possibly changed the future if they tried to design an acu etc etc and I also own this game and my favourite faction is the United Earth Federation

  5. SupCom2 is waaaay too easy compared to the other games. But then there's the fricken GUNSHIP SPAM! It's either too easy or too hard, no middle ground. I hate it.

  6. I'm not trying to be some stalwart SC2 fanboy but I have to say that in my opinion, SC1 isn't that much harder than SC2. SC2 is easy because it utilizes an optimized control system and the game interface is more fool-proof.
    I love SC1 but it was only hard because it was harder to do things basic to a SC2 player, things such as: grouping, unit queuing, selecting units, recognizing units, etc.

    I will say that the SC2 story sucks…but thats because the game was made for competitive play.

  7. Well they should have dumbed it down even more. I have no idea what my units are thinking. I'm the Supreme Commander of the Suicide Army ….

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