Home Playstation Games The 10 best PS4 games (as of Feb 2017)

The 10 best PS4 games (as of Feb 2017)


The 10 best PS4 games (as of Feb 2017)


  1. 1. The Witcher 3
    2. Uncharted 4
    3. The Last of Us
    4. Horizon Zero Dawn
    5. Bloodborne
    6. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection
    7. GTA 5
    8. Metal Gear Solid V
    9. Battlefield 1/4
    10. Dark Souls 3

  2. Played two of them and fallout 4 was boring after a short while.

    Battlefield 4 should be #1 and it ain't even on the list! Dirt Rally should be #2…

  3. they need to update this list with the amazing 2017 exclsuives like persona 5, nioh, nier automata and horizon

  4. 1. last of us remastered.
    2. witcher 3
    3. grand theft auto 5
    4. uncharted 4
    5. bloodbourne
    6. battlefield 1
    7. destiny
    8. resident evil 7
    9. modern warfare remastered
    10. overwatch

  5. Hey Guys! I'm about to finish the Uncharted Series (all 4 games) and I don't know what game to get next. It'd be helpful if you could suggest some, Thanks!

  6. I liked Titanfall 2, but wasn't overly impressed. I'm an 'older' gammer, I wasn't raised on the button mashers that are so popular. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big COD fan and I play those games well. TitanFall 2 fell into that category with very intense battle scenes. I hated to over dependence on wall running. There were too many places were extended highly acrobatic wall runs interrupted game play with little purpose. These wall runs are great for online play, but sucked bad in solo play. Also, there was a whole segment in the middle of the game where it was all video, and no game play. I finished the game in one day and probably wont hold onto it, as there was too much fluff, not enough levels.

  7. Ummm… where the fuck is Battlefield and Overwatch? People barely even knew there was a Titanfall 2 because of Battlefield 1. And Overwatch is Overwatch.

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