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The Golf Club: Giant Bomb Unfinished 05/08/2014


The Golf Club: Giant Bomb Unfinished 05/08/2014


  1. Just got this game and all i can say is do not buy this it has so much potential the actual swing is by far the best in any game yet as far as everything else goes absolutely terrible no unlocks,no campaign of any kind,an unaccurate commentator,no driving range or anything like that it needs all of these thing before it will be remotely good. PS iv played better golf games on the original xbox.

  2. Looks good. For the next one, they need more player options and better swing mechanics for the player. Maybe let us make custom swing.

  3. haha this game is amazing the game makes sense if you know how to play golf in real life so i'd like to see a review from people that know golf a decent bit thats all

  4. I'm not interest in normal golf, but this looks like you could make some dumb, fun courses.

  5. I'm with Jeff I prefer a 3 click swing control.  I do not like the analogue or mouse movement system.  Never have.  Mainly because I'm there for fun and relaxation not the errors of control.

    If I want to get mad while playing golf, I can go out and play golf for real.

  6. The Announcer/Caddy keeps randomly sounding like Drew, At the start I thought he was talking to himself or actually voiced the character.

  7. You might want to give that caddy the number of a suicide prevention hotline. He sounds like a depressed accountant.

  8. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 was the last great "arcade" golf game, they've tried to go too realistic since then. I hate double/triple-click controls.

  9. WELCOME BACK (announcer voice in the game) TO MY NEXT POST AFTER WATCHING THE QL!


    Drew – Putting does not need to be a smooth motion, pull the putter back and just get it to where you want, you can move it back and forth in the back swing (like his back toe is about a 15ft putt) then go straight forward once you stopped the putter in that spot in the back swing (you can sit there for a year then go forward it will be the same distance). You did start judging wind, height, loft, rough % and shot distance well in the QL! BUT YOU need to CHIP the ball around the green, the distance at the top is carry distance in the air, the clubs with less loft (3-iron thru 9-iton) will put more roll on the ball. More lofted clubs (wedges) will pop up higher land and not roll as far, you can also add more or less loft to the chip with the left stick modifier. One more thing, the greens were on easy for the courses you looked at but as you maybe noticed they really do break fast. When compared to the new Mario golf game on 3DS (which I beat in the 1st day, well at least the 3 courses you get when you buy the game, NINTENDO!!!!) I will not buy the additional courses for that game! THE GOLF CLUB HAS UNLIMITED GOLF COURSES AND I CAN RE CREATE THE ONES I PLAY!!

    Jeff – This game has small sweet spots because it is no child's GAME! BOP Mario GOLF BOP TIGER WOODS! You can get bigger sweet spots with easier lies and adding no spin to the ball. Plus this game does not take tempo into affect in any swing, so you can hold the top of the swing and then go forward STRAIGHT to achieve 100% (Just use the Left trigger modifier to judge carry and take all the other factors into play). LASTLY, they should not add stupid "CHEAT LINES or LANDING CIRCLES", BOP PUT PREVIEW shit, BOP Landing lines and circles, BOP LINE TRAILS OF where the ball will go! THAT SHIT NOT REAL AND IS FAKE GIMMICKY BS, I DON'T WANT ANY OF THAT IN THIS GAME! There are steam forums begging them not to add that exact stuff. Plus you can turn off more stuff like be able to see where your shot will land camera and even the flyover (But that's just nuts)! I turn off the option, which is on by default, to auto select clubs and distances for you. So, it starts me with a driver or putter on every shot, the rest is up to me to actually play the real factors and elements that effect golf and with a small sweet spot you have to stay focused on EVERY SHOT.

  10. Past golf games (TW) have the worst putting mechanics-it looks like you take a big swing just to putt 18 inches…not realistic.  Will this game have brand equipments and apparel? 

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