Home Playstation Forum the XBox360 or ps3 games have system requirements?

the XBox360 or ps3 games have system requirements?



  1. Usually no because the games are made for each console so instead of the system trying to meet the games requirements, the games are going to meet the console’s requirement. As long as you have the console, and a TV, you’ll be fine. There are optional things such as 1080P HDTVs and HDMI cables for the best performance though, if that’s what you mean.

    If you’re talking about playing ROMs on a computer, that’s a different story. You will need requirements, such as a pretty good graphics card, unless you have the option of setting the graphics to a minimal (which would suck, because you won’t get the full feel of the consoles specialty).

    Also, you would probably require a lot of hard disk space in order to hold a PS3 game (Blu-Ray), unless you have a Blu Ray drive in your computer.

  2. All games for a particular console will work on that console.

    Unlike PCs, consoles only come in one fixed configuration, with only one fixed processor, amount of RAM, same mother board, same disk drive. The hard drive may be different sizes but that has zero effect on the games’ behavior or performance.

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