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Top 10 PS4 Free Games | PlayStation 4 Free


Here’s a list of the best free-to-play video games on the PlayStation 4. These are the top-rated #PS4 games released so far. Check out our gameplay of #15’s HAWKEN: goo.gl/ptIjb9

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Top 10 PS4 Free Games | PlayStation 4 Free


  1. not really into much of any of these free games as I have downloaded and played them. I can say paragon is the best I played. warframe is also good but gets boring after you upgrade a lot guns. why paragon is not on the list? not sure that's a big mistake.

  2. Where the fuck is paladins. i would put that in number 1 if i were you. I even like paladins better than overwatch. dude wtf

  3. Yay smite is first. TBH paragon is good, but I'll take smite over it any day.

  4. NO WAY!!! I always wanted to play D.C. universe! But I never had a PS4 or PC until… I got a PS4 yesterday, cause of my birthday

  5. both Paladins and Paragon are still in beta phases on PS4, these lists only count fully release games not ones still in development

  6. Can you play multiplayer planetside 2 without ps plus. you can play paladins and paragon multiplayer for free

  7. Ya know I thought Blacklight: Retribution was a great game, I wonder what tha one's playscore was?

  8. Paragon is pretty fun aswell as 3 on 3 freestyle , black light retribution and Paladins was just released for free on ps4

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