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trouble hooking up a ps3?


my boyfriend let me borrow his ps3, we have had problems in the passed to hooking it up at my house but he always can get it to work. he is not here today and when i try to hook it up all of the lights on the ps3 are on and i can pres the power button on and off but nothing shows up on the tv screen everything looks correct and even the controllers are on i just dont know why it is not showing up

* an HD cord is also plugged in

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  1. it’s still set up with your bf’s tv video settings

    to reset

    while starting the ps3 hold it till it beeps twice the first will beep when it starts, the second one will beep after 5 seconds or so. the video settings will then be returned to default value.

  2. Was it previously hooked up with the AV cables (red, white and yellow) at your bf’s? If it was then you need to hold down the power button until you hear 3 beeps that will reset the video to HD. If that isn’t the problem then make sure the TV is on the right input channel.

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